A better vision for Guernsey

Competence, accountability, transparency

Who are we?

We are a group of concerned people working together to improve the way our Bailiwick is governed.

What do we want?

We want to bring about the decisive, effective and efficient government that our Bailiwick needs and deserves, with the priorities which will bring a prosperous and stable environment for the benefit of all. We seek to attract a new movement of competent and pragmatic Deputies in 2020 – the first time Island Wide Voting will occur – sharing a common vision of improving the governance of Guernsey.

We aim to:

  • Bring into the States a cohesive group of politicians, who are both of demonstrated capability, and willing to act sensibly but decisively and to avoid procrastination and habitual recourse to expensive consultants, drawing on on-island expertise wherever practicable.
  • Invest in the infrastructure of the island to support economic growth, and establish a framework of reliable and reasonably affordable transport links to meet the needs and wishes of islanders, of business and of tourism.
  • Encourage and support the finance industry, especially world-beating green finance, and encourage new businesses, with a culture of positivity towards initiatives.
  • Promote “small” government, by reducing red tape, and regulation, and promoting “joined up thinking” across the States and the Civil Service.
  • Acknowledge the value of Open Market residents and use their skills; cautiously  relax, and if necessary suspend, over-rigid Population Management rules.
  • Cut waste and pollution, in particular by reducing non-degradable plastics.
  • Promote greater use of public transport, reduce transport dependency on hydrocarbons, and move firmly towards environmentally sustainable energy sources.
  • Strive to ensure a decent and uniformly available standard of primary and secondary health care, and a basic sufficient standard of living, for all.
  • Pursue the alleviation of real in-work poverty, and recognise the priority that should be given to the well-being of our poorer islanders.
  • Review the conduct of States Assembly business, promoting focus and efficiency by limiting speeches and timing meetings so as to enable participation, as Deputies, by persons in full time employment.
  • Respect broad public opinion, considering pressure from single issue groups with caution and objectivity.
  • Introduce a Freedom of Information Law.
  • Restore more local functions to the Douzaines, including enabling their input as to decisions on planning control, whilst enhancing their accountability.
  • Support the Colleges in providing further and adult education, and monitor the secondary education system to ensure that it best provides the skills, academic and technical training to equip all our young people for success in adult life.  
  • Ensure that tax is imposed fairly and reasonably as regards all strata of society, and that Guernsey retains its attractive and enterprise-encouraging character as a low tax regime, with no introduction of stealth taxes.

How will we achieve this?

By bringing together, under our banner, a group of Deputies with talent, commitment, and the experience of taking decisions which carry responsibility and risk. They will share the general aspirations of the Association, but retain the independence to vote on issues according to their conscience, and take the decisions that they perceive to be in the best interests of the island as a whole.

When will Guernsey politics change?

The first Island Wide Voting election for Guernsey is 11 months, 13 days, 0 hours, 6 minutes ago