Briefing note 1

The briefing note below is the first of a series which is intended to be a short summary which will enable 2020 Association members to be aware, in advance, of significant business scheduled for debate at forthcoming States Meetings. If thought appropriate, the Association will canvas members’ views, probably in answer to particular questions. However, member responses or comments will be welcome on any basis.

Future States Business brief (1) – Meeting of 30 January 2019.

Apart from further debate on the HMIC report on Guernsey’s Police and Border Agency, adjourned from the December States meeting, there are only two matters of substance scheduled for consideration at the next States Meeting on 30th January 2019.

Neither is felt to require canvassing of 2020 membership views. The first is a proposed direction to various States Departments to investigate and report (mostly by the end of 2019) on the causes, and the means of potentially alleviating, In-work Poverty in Guernsey. This can scarcely be controversial, although our members might like to consider the definitions of “poverty” which are frequently used in debate and discussion in this area.

The second is a proposal for the refurbishment of the Alderney Airport runway. The present tarmac runway was previously resurfaced in 1999 on the basis of a 12 – 15 year lifespan but has been patch repaired ever since, to the point where this is regarded as no longer viable. The recommendation is to pursue “Option 3” which, in essence, involves resurfacing and slightly widening the existing runway and improving landing lights, and doing so in a way which will not preclude the possibility of also lengthening the runway at a later time. Pursuant to an expert report which was commissioned, this option is preferred as against the possibility of also proceeding to lengthen the tarmac runway (either immediately, or as a two phase project) so as to be able to accommodate larger aircraft. The report concludes, broadly, that such a project is not economically justified with Alderney’s current population and tourist levels. The conclusions appear to be non-controversial, and indeed relatively obvious, and it is again not felt that there is any need to seek 2020 membership views on this topic.

Information regarding future States Business can be found on under “Search States Meetings Information.”

(Whilst emailed to our members on the 04/01/19, this note was inadvertently omitted from the website at the time.)

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