Brexit survey results

Between the 25th January 2019 – 31st January 2019 we asked our members “If you were advising Theresa May at the moment with regard to Brexit preferred options, what would be your preferences?” Here are the results:

Detailed questions:

Leave with no deal (i.e. allow time to run out)
*Seek Canada Plus deal
*Seek means of ensuring the Irish backstop cannot be permanent and press again for Theresa May’s deal with cosmetic changes
*Seek Norway Plus deal
Rescind Article 50 trigger (i.e. ‘Remain’, on same terms as before)
*Hold General Election
*Hold Second referendum

* in each of these cases, seeking any necessary postponement of the Article 50 trigger.

Our response rate was within the expected 30-40% for a member survey.

The results of our Brexit survey were striking with regard to by far the largest support being in favour of simply walking away from the EU. Given the paucity of independent analysis and information as to the balance of advantage and disadvantage of remaining in, or leaving, the EU, those members who are interested may like to refer to the following downloadable publication:

“It’s Quite OK to Walk Away: A Review of the UK’s Brexit Options with the Help of Seven International Databases” Paperback by Michael Burrage

The author is a former lecturer at the LSE, a research fellow at Harvard and visiting professor at several Japanese universities, whose expertise is primarily in studying international markets.

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