Our manifesto will be developed, prepared and agreed a few months before the election, so as to enable it to accord with circumstances at that time.  


As an ongoing matter, in order both to assist with preparing our manifesto and to provide material for lobbying with regard to matters which come before the present States, we will be canvassing members’ views on appropriate subjects, on a regular basis.

There will also be a monthly political bulletin to all members.

Deputy Selection 

During 2019 a selection campaign will be undertaken to recruit potential deputies who will stand under our banner in the June 2020 States Election.  We will invite candidates for the position of Deputy who share our general vision and aspirations for Guernsey and its government, to apply for endorsement as a “2020 Association candidate”, as well as approaching and encouraging like-minded, talented and experienced people to stand for election with our support. Details of endorsed candidates will be circulated to all members.