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There are several videos on YouTube relating to this topic.

This video was emailed to all Deputies by Nigel Moll (Flight Operations Director at Aurigny Air Services) at the behest of Mark Darby. It was requested by Barry Brehaut. Of course, they wouldn’t have been allowed to attempt the landing in fog – as one pilot put it – “you can’t just have a go and see”.

There have been a number of trial flights undertaken by Aurigny and ATR in evaluation of the new Clearvision technology – these included some well publicised trials in June.

The Airport was advised these were occurring and were given an opportunity to review the output.

Comment on the above video from two professional pilots: “That is just low cloud – not fog on the surface….. in the flare it looks like more than CAT I+ – you can see quite clearly without the EVS down the runway. It has been done to fool people – probably a 150ft cloud base and 700m RVR.”

Here’s a video of a HGS CATIIIa manual approach at LDZA, RVR 200/175/175 meters, VV 50 feet.

EMAS. Passengers on Southwest plane saved by Hollywood Burbank Airport’s high-tech runway cushion:

A joint statement from the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce and the Guernsey branch of the Institute of Directors

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ATR Press Release DRUIK Air

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2013 – Aurigny hopes new jet will put airline into profit
That ‘profit’ doesn’t reflect the £15M we just gave them.